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Installation of process equipment, steelworks and piping

History of JSC Zhukovskoe montazhnoe upravlenie Spetsmashmontazh started in 1969 when Zhukovskoe montazhnoe upravlenie in structure of Trust Spetstekhmontazh was established on the ground of installation division of Moscovskoe montazhnoe upravlenie under the order No. 33-k of 15th June 1969. Pimenov Nickolai Ivanovich was appointed a head of Upravlenie.
Aviation industry developed up-tempo in those years. All leading aviation centers Typolev's, Iluishin's, Miasitshev's, Mikoian's, Sukhov's organizations and TsAGI were situated in the town of Zhukovsky therefore new testing stands, aerodynamic tunnels should have been created here. For fulfillment of this responsible and complex work our company was founded.
Scope of our activities extended with time. Under the direction of Pimenov N. I. there was organized our own production division, was built our new office, were created new installation divisions in Faustovo (to make and reconstruct stands for testing of aviation and rocket affairs) and in Turaevo (to fulfill a huge scope of work for Central Institute of Aviation Motors). Social program was not forgotten a multiple dwelling house was built in Ramenskoe by own powers to improve conditions of life of our employees.
Under the order of the minister of Minmontazhspetsstroi No. 145 of 22. 06. 1977 Zhukovskoe montazhnoe upravlenie of Trust Spetstekhmontazh" was transmitted to Trust Spetsmashmontazh which was reorganized in constructing-and-mounting association Spetsmashmontazh.

When we were a part of Association we carried out work of special complexity and responsibility chiefly on fundamental enterprises of military industry of the USSR: objects of strategical Rocket forces, cosmodromes Baikhonur and Kapustin Yar, North machine building plant, radiolocating stations of early detection in Latvia and Byelorussia, objects of Soviet army in Germany as well as on priority branches of economy Avtovaz, KamAZ, AZLK, Astrakhansky refinery plant, Tobol'sky refinery plant etc.

Experience on solution of complex technical assignments in short terms, gained at military projects, was called-for by serious domestic and foreign companies interested in fast profit making when setting in operation of new facilities and extending old ones. Owing to energetic and skillful measures of our management directed by Honored Builder of Russia V. I. Pochtarev, expertise and responsibility of engineering and working staff we managed not only to keep our production potential and also to cope with modern technologies of work, to improve organizational management and technique.

All these facts allow us carry out our job in strict compliance with technical documentation, international standards, and sanitary requirements and with high quality requirements to food industry.
Food industry projects are the foreground area of our activity. Our specialists fulfilled a large scope of work on installation of process equipment at dairy plants Ehrmann and Danone, coffee plant Russian product, ice-cream plant Nestle, confectionary plants Red October, Odintsovskaya confectionary plant and Zvezdny, beverage plants Wimm-Bill-Dann Beverage, Depsona, Our Champion and also at several bread-baking plants.

We also have made a distribution in development of brewery industry. We installed process equipment and pipelines at such well known brewery companies as Permskaya brewery company, Baltika, Klinsky brewery company, Vladimirskaya brewery, Ivan Taranov's brewery, Kalugskaya brewery company, Amur-beer in Khabarovsk and others. We perform our work under both Russian and foreign designs.

One of the main lines of our activity has become installation work of glass industry projects. During construction of glass factory "Glaverbel - Klin" in Klinsky district we installed natural gas piping system, piping of process recycling water, compressed air, nitrogen, SO2, steelworks of furnace, float-bath, mirror line. During construction of sheet glass factory "Pilkington" in Ramensky district of Moscow Region we installed steelworks of furnace and bath, heating system, erected brige cranes, vessels, and fabricated racks, platforms.

ZhMU SMM deals with such domestic companies as FGUDP NIC CIAM, FGUP TsAGI, EKBK Zvezdny, JSC Aviasalon as well as with foreign companies MICHELIN, Beck & Pollitzer, ETILOR, Pilkington, KRONES, ZIEMANN, ZIPPE, SIEMENS, DANONE, BUHLER and others.

That all shows a high level of JSC Zhukovskoe montazhnoe upravlenie Spetsmashmontazh.


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