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Installation of process equipment, steelworks and piping

To fulfill installation work of high quality we have all necessary devices, equipment, instruments, in particular:
Welding equipment:

- Welding semi-automatic devices for weld in carbonic gas environment LKB-320, made in Sweden; КЕМРОМАТ — 2500 made in Finland;
- Equipment for argon welding Fronivs TT-1700; TT-2200, made in Austria;
- Devices for orbital welding FPA 2000, welding head MUIV- 104 P made in Austria;
- Machining facilities:
- Lathes, milling machines, planer machines, drilling machines;
- Sheet bending machines;
- Sheet cutting machines;
- Devices for plasma arc cutting;
- Devices for folding sheet profiles НА- 501;
- Pipe cutting devices GF- RA 2, GF- RA 4, GF- RA 6
- Machine for pipe cutting REMS turbo CU-I NOX PW;
- Machines for holes cutting RIDGID HC-450;
- Bend-saw PHOENIX;
- Beveling devices REB-4, REB-6;
- Threading devices REMS Giant 40/10 Ѕ-4″
- Threading devices RIDGID -690, RIDGID -258 XL;
- Saws RIDGID -590, RIDGID -580;
- Reciprocal saws RIDGID -550- 1, RIDGID -550-2;


- Manual electro grinding and cutting devices;
- Electric winches, capacity 1t, 3t, 5t;
- Bogies BF-I with hydraulicс lifter, capacity 2t;
- Manual winches ROPE HOIST, capacity 1t, 3t;
- Devices for centering of connecting pipes;
- Pipe benders

Lifting equipment:

- Cranes, capacity up to 25 t;
- Trucks;
- Truck tractor with trailers;
- Fork-lift trucks 3, 5t, 7 t
- Lifting scaffoldings

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