Жуковское Монтажное Управление
Надежность и добросовестность партнерства
Телефон: +7(495)556-61-01, +7(495)556-67-34


We fulfill installation of the following equipment:

- Lifting equipment;
- Compressors, pumps, fans;
- Gasoline stations and ecological control stations equipment;
- Equipment for sewage disposal plants;
- Ferrous metallurgy equipment;
- Chemical and petrochemical industry equipment;
- Glass and porcelain-faience industry equipment;
- Building materials industry equipment;
- Textile industry equipment;
- Food and flavor industry equipment;
- Meat and dairy industry equipment;
- Fruit-and-vegetable processing industry equipment;
- Flour-groats and mixed fodder industry equipment;
- Medical and pharmacological industry, public health services institutions equipment;
- Aerospace industry equipment.

We install pipes delivered by a Customer as well supplied and delivered by us.

All works are carried out in strict compliance with legislation in force, SNiPs, design documents and requirements of the Customer.

We have qualified workers — pipe fitters, assemblers, welders, electricians. If necessary overtime work and work on weekends can be organized. We can work in 2 shifts. We deliver workers to a site by our own and hired transport.

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